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We offer boarding for both cats and dogs. Cats board in cat condo units in our feline boarding room. Dogs up to 30 pounds board in our canine boarding room. Even though we do not board large breeds we do provide veterinary care and grooming for all dogs of any size. We do offer a list of quality boarding facilities for our larger patients.
Please call our office for full details. Our canine guests are walked three times daily. We feed Royal Canine food for your dog or cat. Of course, you may bring your pet's own food if desired. Pets get new food and water bowl daily. All of our pet bowls go through a dishwasher to sanitize the bowls. Cages are cleaned often to provide the cleanest environment for your pets. We utilize high-quality air filtration for the hospital and boarding facility. The feline and canine boarding rooms have a separate HVAC system which is set at very comfortable temperatures 24 hours a day. Our system brings in a constant supply of fresh, filtered outside air through the HVAC system. Our boarding area is separate from the hospital. We have an outside yard area for play and exercise. The outside yard is surrounded by a solid white privacy fence with locked gates. Pets are on a leash at all times to ensure the safest environment for your dog.

We are an accredited practice by the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA). We adhere to the protocols and standards of AAHA. To achieve and maintain this certification we allow our 
hospital, procedures, protocols, records and training programs to be inspected by AAHA. There 
are over 900 standards that a hospital is reviewed on to become an Accredited Practice.  Only 15 percent of the veterinary hospitals in the United States are an Accredited Practice Member. To learn more about AAHA and why this accreditation is important please visit.

AAHA Accredited Practice


​We require proof of the following for grooming in our facility. If your dog or cat is not current on these we will be happy to bring your pet current prior to grooming. We ask for your pet to be current for a minimum of two weeks prior to grooming.
FVRCP (Feline Viral Rhinotracheits)
Fecal Exam - negative



DA2PPV (Distemper, Parvo)
Fecal Exam - negative